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Crank radios were created to provide a portable radio ready for emergencies, weather issues, natural disasters such as hurricanes, snow storms, and other power outages. By hand cranking for a period of time (one to two minutes is typical), your crank radio can provide emergency weather information and more. With growing concerns about natural disaster, terrorism issues, and other emergencies, people are becoming more aware of the need to stay informed and ready during an emergency situation.

Etón American Red Cross Self-Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with Flashlight, Solar Power, Cell Phone Charger

You may find a hand crank radio useful during:

• Hurricanes
• Blizzards
• Power outages
• Flooding
• Earthquakes
• Wildfires
• Outdoor adventures or camping.
• Terrorism or other man-made emergencies.
• Power outages and/or blackouts.

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Emergency hand crank radios are an essential part of planning for disaster scenarios. These emergency gadgets are a great way to stay informed and in tune with news and weather information. In times of need, crank radios provide a link and potentially life-saving tool for those in need.

CC Observer wind-up emergency radio (Black)

Emergency weather radios can be a critical component of disaster survival since they can operate without plug electricity and on their own hand-crank power. The emergency device can perform without reliance on power outlets, batteries, or any other usual power sources.

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Here’s how crank weather radios work:

1. Each crank radio comes with its own, built-in cranking device.
2. The use simply hand cranks the devise typically for one to two minutes (see your individual instruction manual for exact instructions and required crank duration.)
3. When the crank is turned, power is created and transferred to charge the internal batteries.
4. The user may then access radio functions and listen to news, weather, disaster or other pertinent emergency information.
Solar powered radios are also worth mentioning. The obvious drawback with a solar powered radio arises when there is inclement weather resulting in overcast or cloudy conditions In these instances, crank radios may afford a more practical solution. Most crank radios also offer other power options including normal battery or outlet powered operation.

Midland XT511 22-Channel Two-Way Emergency Crank Radio

Some of the unique features you can look for in the best crank radios include:

• NOAA weather alert monitoring
• AM/FM radio reception
• Flashlight accessory
• Cell phone charger (USB port)
• Shortwave capability

Protect yourself in the event of an emergency. What will you do when you are without power for days? How will you receive information when there are life threatening events? The answer may very well be crank radios.

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We strongly recommend that you own an emergency weather radio to protect yourself during natural disasters or man-made emergencies. Your family may need valuable information that can only be provided via radio transmission in certain emergency situations. Crank radios can serve as a powerful source of comfort and information in times of need. Your safety may depend on it.

Etón Solar & Crank with Flashlight & Phone Charger

Crank Radio Choices

Crank radios come in different styles, shapes, and types.  When an emergency occurs, your safety may very well depend on having correct and adequate emergency information which may be provided by the United States government, local radio stations, or other emergency information providers.

Emergencies strike when least expected.  Most people run into issues because of lack of preparation.  Visit a grocery store, hardware store, or other utility store during or shortly after a disaster situation and you’ll see first-hand what most people do.  They react.

The secret to emergency preparedness lies in early readiness.  Among the things to consider are communication devices which provide important information that may be critical to you or your family’s survival.  A crank radio can be a significant piece of a survival kit or other emergency preparation kit.

Looking to purchase the right crank radio?  Check out these great radios and more!

Eton Solarlink Radio

Black & Decker SS50B Storm Station With 50 Watt Power Inverter LED Flashlight And Digital AM/FM NOAA Weather Radio

Life Gear LGSR481 Splashproof Radio

Choosing the best crank radio can seem like a daunting task.  However, there are several critical components to note when selecting the right emergency radio:

  1. Is the unit portable enough to be carried everywhere with you in times of disaster? Movement and speed can be an important part of surviving a disaster.  You and your family must be able to move and travel quickly.  Having an emergency weather radio that is light and portable may help.
  2. Does your unit come with a siren or other notifying device?  In times of need, you may experience the inability to communicate verbally or may need a location device if you are trapped or inaccessible.  A siren or horn function may assist in rescuer efforts.
  3. Does the emergency weather radio have a flashlight?  Needless to say, if there is no electricity to power lights, you may need portable and self generating power to operate lights in times of darkness.  Having a light in times of need, can provide a source of comfort.
  4. Does the hand crank radio include a port for cell phone charging?  Again, having a way to charge a phone can be a critical tool in contacting emergency help, loved ones, or other necessary assistance.
  5. Is your crank radio waterproof, durable, and from a well-known and reliable manufacturer?

Your safety and survival success may be directly linked to your ability to receive important information, charge cell phones, see in the dark, and notify emergency personnel, all of which might be accomplished by using crank radios.  Act now, before a disaster happens.  Being ready with the right resources can alleviate anxiety and aid in your preparation for emergency situations.

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